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Beats & Babble offers you a quality early childhood music and movement program. Our sessions are fun and exciting, using songs, music and movement to enhance a child’s development, particularly focusing on communication and social skills. Our approach is child-centred and relaxed which means all children feel comfortable to observe until they are ready to participate.

Beats & Babble caters for children of all abilities aged between 3 months and 5 years of age with every session developed with a learning focus for each age group.

All classes are interactive, engaging and educational and follow a developed session plan. Every activity has a clear purpose and is designed to have multiple learning outcomes. Many of the songs are repeated to consolidate the children's learning and help them to become familiar with new songs and concepts.

Beats & Babble can run classes in your centre on a weekly or fortnightly bases-depending on the needs and budget of your centre.

All instruments and resources are provided; all we need is open space.

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